Featured Agent | Jaci Cleveland

Jaci, a realtor/broker with the Garontakos Group, has always had a special place in her heart for “home.” A northwest Indiana native, she grew up in a blue-collar family as the daughter of a steelworker and small floorcovering business owner. While her family didn’t have an abundance of time or resources, their home was always an incredibly warm place, where everyone who entered felt welcome.  

With the importance of work ethic instilled early on, Jaci attended Indiana University, where she earned degrees in Business and Psychology. She continued her studies onto graduate school, where she received a law degree from the IU School of Law Indianapolis. Jaci then went on to marry her husband, Grant, and started a family. After practicing law for several years, Jaci made the decision to take a temporary step back from her career and stay home with her children.  

After several moves across the state, her husband’s business led them back to the Indianapolis area. Once their roots were firmly planted in the storybook town of Zionsville, Jaci became eager to return to the workforce. The idea of being able to combine her legal knowledge along with her love of design (which she inherited as a little girl helping her mom around the floorcovering store) made real estate the obvious choice. When Jaci met Traci Garontakos, it seemed as though the stars perfectly aligned. Their similar upbringings, educational backgrounds, and sincere desire to help others was symbiotic.  

Jaci and Traci strive to give their clients a real estate experience unlike one they’ve ever had. Their focus on relationship building and community makes them a truly unique team. Traci’s decade of experience and success in home sales combined with Jaci’s legal background helps ensure that no detail of any transaction goes missed. Their firsthand knowledge of how big of an emotional and financial commitment a relocation can be inspires them to work tirelessly on their client’s behalf. Moreover, their eye for aesthetics and staging, combined with their ability to accurately project home values, ensures that their clients always get the highest level of service. They look forward to helping guide you home! 

Hometown: Munster, IN
Years with Encore Sotheby’s: I have been with Sotheby’s for approximately a year. When I made the decision to pursue real estate several years ago, I knew I wanted to align myself with an innovative company. My legal and business backgrounds have taught me to value the importance of personal service, branding, and quality marketing, which is why I knew joining the Garontakos Group at Sotheby’s was the perfect fit.
What makes a house a home to you? A home is more than the items within it. It is the feeling it evokes right when you walk inside and encompasses all of the memories you make within its walls.
#1 tip for a new homeowner: Don’t be in a rush to fully renovate and/or decorate your new home. You need to live there awhile to know exactly how you want each space to function and feel. A house that is well thought out and filled organically with items you collect and cherish over time is much more likely to feel like a home in the long run.
Favorite thing to do or eat in Indianapolis: We love eating and shopping on the brick street in Zionsville. Its quaint feel and charm are truly unique and special.

5080 Melborne Place | Zionsville, Indiana
6145 Stonegate Run | Zionsville, Indiana
8135 Hanley Lane | Zionsville, Indiana

Contact Jaci Cleveland:

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