Supporting the Arts | Featured Artist: Tom Casalini


How are you adapting to the stay at home orders? 

I’m adapting well; there are cloudy days and sunny days. I miss the physical presence of my family, my grandchildren, and my friends. My family in Italy is blessed with good health, looking forward to the lesser sanctions and to let the little ones play outside. 

Social media has been a useful pacifier, and I look forward to replacing the pacifier with real hugs and kisses. My work, which is my passion, has hit the pause button. I create my beautiful art pieces while in Italy visiting family. My portraitures; COVID -19. 

What is inspiring your work during this time? 

The inspiration for my work in the future is coming from isolation. I believe we all are discovering a realignment of our priorities. The value of the art (fine art or personal portrait ) we chose to hang in our homes becomes a story of our lives. In isolation, these stories flood us with memories of comfort, joy, and the opportunities of memories to come. As an artist, it’s inspired me to be better at my craft, to give more of myself. To be a better listener, more thoughtful, kinder, and loving in the creation of my art. I look forward to the expression of appreciation and gratitude in all that I do. 

How can people contact you and purchase art or further support you? 

The series of colorful artwork that is displayed in this series is available at a considerable discount, contact me directly for further information. All proceeds will be shared with Food Banks for Homeless Children and the Child Advocacy Center. Contact me through my website at via the contact page or email me at, and my cell is always available: 317-443-3273. Be well; be safe! Grazie!

Venice Canal #2 – Venice, IT – 30×30
Venice Canal #1 – Venice, IT – 30×14
Siena Countryside – Tuscany, IT – 30×12.5
Medici Doors – Piazza della Senorita, Florence, IT – 30×30
Rowing on the Arno – Florence, IT – 30×30
Lemon Tree – Pienza, IT – 30×30
Enoteca Store Front – Montepulciano, IT – 30×30

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