Supporting the Arts | Featured Artist: April Willy

Supporting the Arts | Featured Artist: April Willy
‘Softly Silent’ 36×36 oil on gallery wrap canvas, $1800

How are you adapting to the stay at home orders?
It has been very eye-opening on a personal level. Apart from knowing that there are so many people suffering from illness and lack of income, I am hesitantly enjoying the quarantine. I have moved into my husband’s workshop from my studio at the Stutz. This has made me realize that I need to learn to make do with what I have and that what I have is more than enough. This applies to art supplies and recipe ingredients! With a little ingenuity, I find solutions and go in a direction I may not have otherwise. Having more time to spend with my husband and to be outdoors has been wonderful and I actually found morel mushrooms before the deer ate them this week…

What is inspiring your work during this time?
I can’t say that my inspiration has changed much. I am fortunate to have several commissions in progress, so the inspiration is already predetermined. I try to do a small painting for myself every day to get my creative flow going and this work has been related to whatever project I’m in the midst of. My work has always been generated by my observation and interpretation of the peace and beauty of the earth and I continue to work on paintings that exemplify this. A positive aspect of the Coronavirus is that our natural world is benefitting from the pandemic. I hope that everyone notices the birds singing louder and the stars shining brighter.

How can people contact you and purchase art or further support you?
More of my work can be seen on my website at, on Instagram at aprilgwilly, Facebook aprilwillyart, and at My email is which is the best way to contact me. I hope that conscientious art buyers will support local Indiana artists by purchasing work from them now when they really need it. We are all fearful of what the art market will be like in the future and many artists are really hurting due to all the shows and fairs being canceled or postponed.

Supporting the Arts | Featured Artist: April Willy
‘Archway’ 20×16 oil on canvas, light gray wood floater, $900
Supporting the Arts | Featured Artist: April Willy
‘Bubble Luscious’ 48×36 oil on canvas, framed with off-white wood floater, $3000
Supporting the Arts | Featured Artist: April Willy
‘Orange Cloud’ 20×20 oil on canvas Champagne wood floater frame, $1000 (First place Indiana Artists Club 2019)

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