Featured Agent | Jay O’Neil

Jay O'Neil NEW 2017 BW

Jay O’Neil

Hometown: Was born in Philadelphia but raised in Toledo, Ohio.

Years with Encore Sotheby’s: Jay is a founding member, so he’ll have been with Encore Sotheby’s for 12 years in January.

#1 tip for a new homeowner: Jay believes it’s extremely important to get involved in your neighborhood community. Whether that’s becoming a member of your neighborhood association or even starting some sort of club with the people you live around, it’s the key to achieving the feeling of both security and belonging, and you want that! You want to feel settled and it’s comforting knowing those who live near.

Favorite thing to do or eat in Indy: Jay enjoys playing golf at Chatham Hills Championship Golf Course and dining out with friends and family at Prime 47 in Indianapolis.

View More: http://thehomeaesthetic.pass.us/4139wytheln

View More: http://thehomeaesthetic.pass.us/4139wytheln

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