Real Estate Headlines | 1.21.15

New Home Construction is Booming: Cheers to our partners in the home building industry! The Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI) recently announced 2014 resulted in the industry’s best year since 2007.  Almost all counties in the area saw growth in building permits last year.

To Rent or Sell:  This article dissects not whether you should rent or buy your next home, but when moving to a new home, you if should keep your current home as a rental property or sell it.  With lots of details to consider, both financial and personal, this is a good guide to get you thinking about this decision.

Homes Sales Slide: In 2014 the number of existing home sold fell 2.6%. The market’s first decrease since 2010.  In better news, the average sales price in the area grew by 5.9% with Boone County seeing the highest increase to $281,444, an increase of 10.6%.

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