Real Estate Headlines | 1.14.15

2015 Predictions: Things are looking up.  This article describes three key indicators – strong job market, stable home prices, and high rental rates – and why they are pointing the housing industry in the right direction.

Looking Back: Did you buy a new home in 2014?  Should you have waited until 2015?  It’s a tough choice, and one not always based solely on market trends.  KCM’s blog details the price of your home purchase in 2014 – strictly by the numbers.

New Plans for Westfield: As this northern suburb continues to grow, fueled in part by the development of Grand Park and the bypass system on US 31, the City of Westfield makes another big move – the development of Grand Junction Plaza.  This attempt to bring more people to downtown Westfield will be designed by The Land Collective, the same group that designed Eskenazi Health’s entrance – The Commonground.  We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

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